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Sent to Share Life

April 24, 2022 SMC preachers
Seattle Mennonite Church Sermons
Sent to Share Life
Show Notes

Yes, it’s exceedingly unfair that Thomas gets such a bad rap. But that’s a sermon that’s been preached a thousand times, including several times by Pastor Megan. Instead, this week she dives deep into what she’d always previously glossed right over. Jesus says to the gathered, frightened, newly Spirit-filled disciples: “As my Abba God sent me, so I am sending you.” With a huge nod to the BibleWorm podcast Scripture geniuses, Pastor Megan wonders what it means to be sent just as Jesus was sent by Abba God. In short: We are sent to be incarnated - to experience kinship and share life with all of creation. Thanks be to God!

Sermon begins at minute 1:45

John 20.19-31


  • BibleWorm podcast: Episode 339 – Jesus Appears to Thomas, Amy Robertson and Robert Williamson, Jr.
  • Image: some Seattle Mennonites experiencing kinship with Thornton Creek (our watershed!), during Faith Climate Action Week 2022, photo taken by Pastor Megan Ramer

Hymn: VT 358
text: Victimae Pashali trans. FW Herzberger, 1911 music: German traditional